Dr Shanmugham has over 30 years of experience in Divorce and related cases and his team has a 99% success rate in divorce cases. He is the only person who has completed his doctoral thesis in the family court of Coimbatore. Dr R. Shanmugham, has done his thesis "A study on the influence of family demography on women in matrimonial conflict before the family court and Alternative Dispute Resolution with reference to Coimbatore Family Court, Coimbatore District, TamilNadu Nadu State, India". He has extensive experience in the Hindu Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, Domestic Violence, Dowry Harassment, Guardian and Ward Act, Child Custody, Maintenance, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, and all other Family Court Act-related matters.

    Marriage is considered to be a sacramental one in India. So divorce is granted on the grounds specified in the Act, which may differ from one case to another. If both parties agree to divorce, a mutual divorce petition can be filed without allegations against either spouse. It is a stress-free, simple, and less time-consuming method of obtaining a divorce. If one spouse refuses to agree to the divorce, the other spouse must provide proper evidence to prove his genuine reason for the divorce, which is a lengthy process.

    Dr. R.Shanmugham and his associates are experts in assisting NRI clients before the family court to attend the virtual mode of hearing with the court's permission.