• In family matrimonial conflict weakens the relation between the members of the family. It leads to destructive ways of handling conflict diminishes family system.
  • The divorce in result of matrimonial conflict, divorce has grown significantly over the past half century.
  • The part few decades has witnessed dramatic changes in family life in all industrial society.
  • There has been an act burst of matrimonial disputes in recent times.Marriage is a sacred ceremony, the main purpose of which is to enable the young couple to settle down in life and live peacefully.

Social Consequences of Desertion and Divorce

Disorganization of the family does not end with divorce or desertion. This crisis is the final outcome of the long process of family disorganization. But it is final in the sense that it represents a formal break in a previously intimate relationship. Both husband and wife have to adjust to the new situations. If there are children, their lives must continue in new and strange circumstances. Thus, many consequences follow from divorce.

A certain degree of moral turpitude is often bestowed on the parties in divorce, on the ground that one or both must have committed an immoral or at least an undesirable act. Divorced persons, therefore, often have a sense of guilt, either conscious or in conscious, which complicates their reactions to other persons, whose attitudes in turn are coloured by moral condemnation. When the divorced person is viewed suspiciously by many righteous persons, his difficulties in readjustment are considerably increased.

Divorce also represents a fundamental change in role and status for all concerned. This change may bring crisis in their lives. Only those with a strong and well integrated life organization may survive it with comparative ease. But one has to adjust to the new situation. The preliminary attempt at readjustment is naturally along the line of former behaviour patterns, formal ways of defining the whole situation. But this reversion is never wholly successful largely because of its incomplete character. An entirely new life organization must be worked out, which takes into consideration all of the manifold factors in the new situation.

It is just possible that even before desertion or divorce many such persons may have developed symptoms of personality disorganization as a resultof emotional crisis to which they have been subjected. These Psychological manifestations include suppressions, regressions, ambivalent motivations, blockages, cleavage between lust and love, loss of self-confidence and ambition, doubts, indecision, nightmares, morbidly transferred attachments or aversions all these and more. Such persons may face further crisis after the desertion or divorce.

Indian Social Problems (Volume 1)
Page No : 380 to 381
Edition 1989


The family is a part and parcel of the society. Without family no society will exceeds. The family is a group of people sharing food, shelter and living with we feeling. The present modern world family means husband, wife, son and daughter. Due to various reasons conflicts arises among husband and wife which leads to family disorganized. The major matrimonial conflicts are problem of adjustment of husband and wife relationship, problem of sexual adjustment, marriage based on love, laxity in family control and family conflict. People do not exist in vacuum. They live, play, go to school, work and interact with each other. Most Sociologists agree that, next to their peculiar tendency to think and use tools, one of the distinguishing characteristics of human beings is that they are social creatures. The social group that seems to be most universal and pervasive in the way it shapes human behaviors is family. The family is not just a collection of individuals. It is a whole larger than the sum of its parts. In family life matrimonial conflict weakens the relationship between the members of the family. It leads to destructive ways of handling conflict diminishes family system.

The divorce is the result of matrimonial conflict. Divorce has grown significantly over the past half century. The past few decades have witnessed dramatic changes in family life in all industrial society. The research needs to specifically identify the magnitude of the effects of matrimonial conflict because so many factors contribute to it. We cannot solve the problem of the family without knowing the root cause of it. So the theories are important to solve the matrimonial conflict.

Theory is a set of interrelated concepts used to describe, explain and predict how family and its members are related to each other. Without theories sciences would be a futile exercise in statistics.

Over the years researchers have found the necessity to develop theories of behavior that are specific to family settings. There are many grand and smaller theories that have been applied to families such theoriesare human ecology theory, moral development theory, psycho social theory, psychoanalytic theory, social exchange theory.